5 Easy Facts About mug Described

5 Easy Facts About mug Described

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Warmth switching, warmth sensitive, or magic mugs make use of thermochromism to vary physical appearance when a hot beverage is poured into them. Standard style and functions[edit]

"Good heavens! Is it?" Drummond served himself to marmalade. "And to imagine that I once pictured myself skewering Huns with it. Do you're thinking that anybody can be mug enough to order it, James?"

The celebrity's unflattering mug shot swiftly unfold throughout the online world right away adhering to his DUI arrest. I in fact managed for making a very goofy encounter even though the cops took my mug shot, which pissed them off to no conclusion.

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At the best of the scuttle or mug can be a soap holder. Traditionally, it had been applied having a challenging block of shaving cleaning soap (rather then smooth cleaning soap or product) and thus had drain holes at the bottom.

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кружка, рожа, морда, рыло, харя, кубок, балбес, зубрить, гримасничать, переигрывать

As being a ubiquitous desktop merchandise, the mug is often made use of being an item of artwork or ad; some mugs are instead decorations than drinking vessels. Carving had been typically applied to mugs in the ancient moments. Deforming a mug into an strange condition is usually applied. On the other hand, the preferred decoration procedure today is printing on mugs, which is often carried out as follows: Ceramic powder is combined with dyes of picked colour as well as a plasticizer.

4.American(some places) & Mexican slang for mom fucker originating in the term "muv" and ultimately starting to be "mug"

Travel mugs (launched in the eighties) generally employ thermal insulation Houses for transporting very hot or chilly liquids. Similar to a vacuum flask, a travel mug is frequently well-insulated and totally enclosed to stop spillage[13] or leaking, but will typically have a gap in the cover through which the contents could be consumed during transportation without spillage.

reduced a mug of beer — пропустить кружку пива; выпить кружку пива  

- амер. нападать сзади, охватывая шею рукой, схватить сзади за горло (с целью ограбления)

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